Identity Monitoring

Prevent, Identify & Recover

What drives us

iKCHECK offers the identity security you need in these times. We provide you with information about your ID that will not reach you without us.

Identity Control

Know what happens with your ID

Anywhere & Anytime

Our alerts work globally

Future technology

We're a frontrunner 

Everyone Participates

We work for your safety


Own your identity!

iKCHECK is an app, a platform, and a way of thinking. We offer you a future-proof tool to manage your own identity.

Sign Up

It's easy and only requires a few minutes 

Stay informed

Once an iKCHECK user, you'll receive tips, tricks and personal tools to manage your identity

Be Alert

We'll let you know if an organization processes your information. You want to know!

What else does iKCHECK offer

What we offer you is a clever set of features to start taking control of your identity.

iOS, Android & PWA

Available on any device or platform and for everyone

Give your consent

Allow organizations to push alerts to your account

Alerts & Reports

You'll receive alerts and get reports when you need it



You'll receive tips, tricks, and messages from us in the iKCHECK app


Help section

In case you're a victim of identity fraud we'll assist you together with our partners

Manage your account

We know what privacy means. We collect minimal personal data and you have control

We’ve established partnerships with leading organizations

We need governmental organizations, businesses and individual users to make this work. So that is exactly what we've been doing. Together we'll make identity monitoring work for you.

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